The Pioneer Advantage
What sets Pioneer Sourcing apart from other companies? Low pricing, flexibility, Western management, and "Guanxi". Read more below about key attributes to see for yourself what makes us special.
Low Pricing

We know that the cost of manufacturing is rising around the world, along with pressure to offer consumers lower prices. We have yet to receive a (reasonable) cost target we couldn’t meet, ask us for a quote today and see what we mean.

One of the most time-consuming parts of making shoes can be product development. We understand the urgency of meeting sample deadlines, so we work with our customers to make sure they receive shoes when they need them. We’ve even been known to speed along a production order or two—just let us know what your timeline is and we will pull out all the stops.
Western Management

It’s not easy working with a factory that is a world away: different time zones, cultural backgrounds, work ethics, and languages often make manufacturing a serious challenge. Pioneer eliminates that hurtle with a western team that communicates clearly and understands the product standards of governments, trading companies, and international brands alike. Plus we have a good sense of humor (at least, we like to think so).

As any seasoned expatriate will tell you, the key to successful business in China is "guanxi" (Chinese for "relationships"). Establishing real trust and respect with a supplier takes years of friendship and cooperation, which is difficult for brands to foster in a constantly changing production environment. Fortunately Pioneer enjoys long-standing relationships with many of the best footwear and material suppliers in China, which means lower pricing, better cooperation, and consistent quality for all of our customers.