Pioneer's Services Pioneer Sourcing is here to serve your business needs. We have expertise in manufacturing, design and development, quality control, product testing, and freight management. Add in our western customer service and financial security, you have a partner you can trust.


Pioneer's factory is based in Wenzhou city, one of China's premier footwear manufacturing centers. It employs more than 300 people and runs three separate production lines, with a capacity to manufacture more than one million shoes per year. We specialize in leather and PU styles, including casual, hiking, safety, and military footwear. Looking to manufacture something else? Not a problem. We have a network of partner factories throughout Asia and offer the same quality of service no matter where your shoes are made.
Design & Development

Need a fresh design for your product line? Unable to find the right materials? Need a quick turnaround time on samples? Have no fear, Pioneer is here. We can help bring your concept to life with world-class digital design and product development. Once we have designs in hand, rapid prototyping allows us to turn samples around in a fraction of the time most other factories require.
Quality Control and Product Testing

Any sourcing veteran can attest to the difficulty and importance of maintaining product quality when manufacturing abroad. Chinese suppliers are notorious for the bait-and-switch: selling you on one thing and delivering something else. We guarantee our customers they will always receive what they pay for, and have quality control and lab testing in place to ensure there are no surprises when your shoes arrive.
Freight Management

We be shippin'! Pioneer has extensive experience working with export companies, freight forwarders, and ground logistics around the world. We can make sure your shipments clear customs, arrive on time, and even show up at your warehouse, all while minimizing the cost to you.
Western Customer Service

您好,我们很高兴为您服务 。Don’t understand? No problem, we do. Our American management team makes it easy for our customers to communicate and can ensure nothing gets lost in translation. We also understand western product standards and expectations, and will ensure your order is processed exactly the way you intended.
Financial Security

Pioneer Sourcing is registered in the United States and works with American purchase order financing companies to reduce the financial exposure that typically comes with international manufacturing. We offer customers payment terms they feel comfortable with.